Component Overview / Requests

You are looking at manufacturer's website of the patented aponix components. We are working with product partners whose function is to be your local special application partners. They are the ones who provide the more finished and targeted setups/solutions based on our components.

In this area you can select parts and also request a quote for 'bare pieces' directly from us. For that we require a list of parts and a shipping destination first in order to officially quote including freight. Please check our configuration page first to understand the system.

Why are you not seeing any prices here? Due to cooperations in negotiation for different territories and volumes, we can not display general prices. Please be assured, that components are all made in Germany and are very attractively priced for what you get compared to similar industry offers. If in doubt, please request an individual quote using this section of our website.

We assume you are buying B2B from us. All quoted prices are net prices. Depending on where you buy from there might be additional VAT (for end-consumer buyers from Germany or the EU) or even a tariff for exports to countries outside Europe. We can declare our materials 'preferential goods' though.

Please take note of this information too: Shipping information - Returning items

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