City XL Vertical Barrel

This is another much larger and rigid version to make the aponix vertical barrel idea available also for public spaces – in a vandalism proof form. We call it the XL or city version. It uses 9 ring segments per level (diameter 95cm) and is much more robust. It requires manual integration into a larger urban planting context along for example roads or bicycle lanes for example. Pieces can be fixed/combined using metal rivets or also metal inlays inside and rivets in combination to make have a solid structure.

The first shelf piece is planned to be available at end 2019. Please let us know if you would be interested to learn more about our City XL Vertical Barrels system!

Ring Segment Pieces

There will only be two pieces available:


The small dots are drill marks that can optionally be drilled to place additional connecting rivets after clicking the pieces together or stacking multiple ring segments.

Base and Integration

Mounting ring segments:


The base will be made from a custom steel element (brown) that defines the height. The whole structure is then mounted into a larger container that serves as water reservoir. The inside will also be customized by either inserting a heavy vertical water pipe or other structure to save substrate and weight. This will provide also space to insert pumping logic, solar panels on top or mounting structures to fix the unit in place.

The stacked ring segments can be combined using a ribbon made from steel or a synthetic fabric (light brown inside) that combines two ring segments with each other using the optional rivets.


Larger than the normal version:


The City XL vertical barrel will have a diameter of 95cm plus the shelves and each ring segment is assembled from 9 ring segment pieces. The material will be 3.5mm thick instead of 2mm from the normal substrate version.

The idea is that the whole structure including the base container can be filled and planted offsite and then be brought into its final position using a forklift.