Vertical Growing / 3D-NFT


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The aponix vertical barrel is a solution that provides components to enable ‚hyperlocal‘ edible plant production in 3D. Mission is to eliminate food miles and waste around food logistics and at the same time delivering more varieties harvested at the ideal ripeness to consumers for higher level nutrition and more fun.


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Our components are robust horticulture building blocks for commercial production activities _and_ prosumer solutions enabling users to set up hydroponic grow spaces efficiently within 3-dimensional space. Practically it works like a traditional 2D-NFT with guided drip irrigation but in 3D using lego-like elements with many options and variations possible.

Grow space setup

The aponix vertical barrel incorporates a bunch of valuable key features that allow for a very versatile setup of a new type of urban farms with much smaller 2D footprint than their traditional commercial counterparts urban locations, for outdoor and indoor farming. The aponix barrel is designed to allow you to quickly grow a clean and organic garden. Quality and usability make the difference!


  • Preview: Version 3 Aponix Ring Segment Element

    3 years packed with feedback and ambitious feature requests from active users have now been baked into a universal V3 ring segment piece. We are thrilled to anounce that it will be availablle until the end of 2020. Find out more on our preview product page.
  • Reusable Trellis Plugpot – 2inch/5cm

    Aponix replaces single use plastic netpots with a robust and re-usable young plant plug pot. It provides an optional metal plant trellis insert to grow larger plants like cannabis or dwarf fruiting crops and can be used to use young plants grown in glued or alternative substrate plugs. Diameter is 2 inches/5cm so it can be used in any hydroponic system that used 5cm holes.
  • Unused Grow Space Cover – 2inch/5cm

    Sometimes we need to just leave some space between plants, plan to grow larger crop or don’t have enough seedlings. There is a cover coming that will work on the 2″/5cm soilless grow spaces.
  • New Sprinkler Dome Lid for Precision irrigation

    Collecting feedback for the V3 design also led to the creation of a new dedicated sprinkler lid that is more robust using different sprinkler models. Its shape makes it impossible to hit any critical areas and makes sure we have perfectly even distribution of nutrient solution.
  • Netafim-aponix Drip Stop Adapter

    There are multiple irrigation options. This is one of them: Using our Netafim-aponix adapter you can use Netafim micro nozzle equipment to organize the irrigation of your vertical barrels. Netafim provides plug-and-play components so you can adjust for different flow rates and spraying patterns.
  • New Lid-base for Multiple Vertical Barrel Setups

    Looking for a solution to make units rotate we designed the lid-base in a cooperation with a product partner. It can be used on top of a standard 40mm PVC drining pipe to set up multiple units in rows. At the same time all pieces that need to be sanitized (including the 2nd bottom lid) can be removed for cleaning.
  • Aponix is Looking for Product Partners

    Aponix strategy is to work with product partners who like to design their own unique solutions based on aponix components adding other elements and/or service merketing them independently under their own brand/product name in their territories. Interestinggly these co-operations already resulted in new components and value for actual users worldwide.

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The aponix vertical barrels are suitable to grow herbs and lettuces and with our new reusable trellis plug pot also fruiting crops in vertical gardening/farming situations.

We are looking for product partners who want to develop own products based on aponix components!