Shipping Information

Aponix works with standard shipping companies. Depending on volume, weight and destination, we will contact you with the final shipping plus packaging cost in an official quote document once we have determined the best shipping rates from our carriers.

Shipping modes (see Incoterms 2010):

  • EXW – You pick it up in our factory in Germany (near Heidelberg).
  • CPT (cost-paid-to) – We ship to an international (air)port, you get it directly from the customs. In some countries the last mile can be costly. If you are near an international airport CPT could save freight cost.
  • DAP (delivered-at-place) – We ship to an address. Usually double the cost for CPT.

Within Europe we ship by road freight, outside mostly via air-freight. It is also possible to ship to an agency that transfers consignments on behalf of the buyer to a ship or else. We can make use of international free trade agreements between the European Union and other countries by declaring materials preferential goods.

If you are buying from within the EU please provide an active and valid VAT-ID.

Smaller consignments come in packages (72x72x43cm for standalone barrel setups or 91x91x32cm for the multi barrel setups). Consignments larger than 4 units are shipped on palette(s). Container loads and loads >1000kg can also be shipped by ocean freight.

Shipping cost examples (DAP) for some destinations of the 72x72x43cm package:

  • USA: NYC, Orlando, San Francisco, Anchorage = 180€
  • Canada: Vancouver, Calgary =180€
  • Norway: Oslo = 90€
  • Italy: Rome 70€
  • Germany: Berlin 40€