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In this area components area you see details on individual elements and you can also make a parts list and request an individual end-user/B2B quote from us. Since each inquiry can be very different in terms of weight, destination, taxation and terms of delivery, we require the list of parts first in order to quote including cost for packaging and freight. We are usually working with product partners who provide more targeted and more complete solutions for different applications under their own brand name. If aponix is shipping materials or equipping individual projects direct, materials are all shipped from 64646 Heppenheim/69115 Heidelberg in Germany.

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Please note these differences if we are quoting B2B or to end consumers within the EU or outside the EU:

B2C within the EU or B2B within Germany

With more actual users requesting materials directly from aponix and complaints that we should also show pricing on our website, we decided to provide some larger bundles also from our own website. All prices you can see in the designated area ‘EU End User Bundles‘ all contain the end user pricing plus the German VAT of 19%. All bundles are priced EXW Heidelberg/DE. If you like to get the material shipped please indicate this on your request for quotation including your shipping address so we can answer with a formal quote that you can turn into an order any time.

B2B within the EU

If the buyer is located within the EU and the materials are also shipped to a destination within the EU businesses use VAT-IDs so all prices can be stated net. Aponix is responsible to validate a given VAT-ID. Sending materials within the EU is easy and standard using road freight.

Outside the EU

This is export and will require more planning for logistics and the formal export using MRN documents and a formal customs inspection if the total value is >1000EUR (including the freight cost). Aponix is registered and authorized to sign materials ‘Preferential Goods of EU Origin‘.