Construction Manual

If you are interested in more detail or purchased the vertical barrel already, this is where you find the more detailed construction manuals for the different and most common setup variants.

Download(2018-06): Manual for soilless standalone barrel.multibarrel_icon

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Download(2018-06): Manual for substrate based standing barrel.substrate_barrel_icon

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Download(2018-03): Rolling metal base for closed stand, welding/building plan.rolling_base_for_closed_stand

Until we can provide this important part ourselves, here is the building plan to set up a perfectly fitting triangle roller base for yourself. It consists of 3 simple standard rectangular metal parts welded together and it fits under our closed base – usable for substrate based and soils standalone setups.



Download(2017-01): The manual for assembly and setup of generation 2 parts. Contents: Pre-requisites for running vertical barrels. Positioning of barrels in your production facility. System connection for circulation. Scope of delivery. Barrel assembly. Maintenance and cleaning. Storing parts. Dimensioning the pump. Material info.

Download! Old version (2016): The manual for assembly and setup of the generation 1 + 2 parts. Parts from generation 1 (prototype) will no longer be available as of October 2016.

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