Substrate-Based Vertical Barrel Concept

How the soil-based setup works

In order to empower more people to grow hyperlocal edible plants, we also provide parts that can be assembled into a soil-based or medium-based vertical barrel and placed on your balcony or terrace! This raised bed alternative is easy to use.

The concept just applies like in the soil-less version, you can configure the ring segments of your barrel using the appropriate 1/6th-parts and start to stack them from a standing base at a variable height.

Raised bed alternative

This is an example shows a 6 ring segment high ring segment configuration with open top standing on a closed pot-like base. The base can be filled with pebbles or hydroton. A piece of cloth is put on top of the first layer. The base has 2 holes in this case: one to fill it with water and one that serves as an overflow valve to prevent standing water from touching your substrate. This mechanism also saves your plants from being overwatered if you use it outside. You then stack the ring segments from there and add the medium or a mix of your choice to fill up to the top ring segment. Plants go into the shelves. You can use a standard garden shovel to dig in your plants or put in seeds. You can also grow larger plants on the open top. Once your plants are big enough and have longer roots the water from the base irrigates from the inside by serving as a wicker bed.

Water filtration system

Another use case would be to use a setup like this to filter water from a pond or even grey water. You need to use an appropriate medium like hydroton or also suitable synthetic substrates to provide surface to the microbes. In this case the water is distributed on the top, wicks down by gravity and exits on the bottom.

Soil based barrel example configruation