Soilless Vertical Barrel Concept

How the soil-less setup works


The aponix vertical barrel uses gravitational force for vertical drip irrigation. There is a source of liquid coming from the top utilizing different irrigation methods.

The 1/6th parts that the stackable ring segments are assembled from, provide an integrated wing structure on the inside of the barrel, that make sure the liquid is evenly distributed amongst the root areas of all the plants in the system.

The liquid exits the barrel on the bottom lid and can then be returned to your sump tank or reservoir and into re-circulation. That behavior can be changed by making the choice for a different base.

The idea is to assemble ring segments according to the size of your crop using different adapters and stack them at variable height to provide just the amount of grow spaces that you can maintain. For more information please see pages Quality and Usability, key features and FAQ.

Standalone soil-less version of a barrel

soilless_standalone_vertical_barrelThere are more parts making the aponix vertical barrel concept more versatile! Using the top water buffer that can be filled with liquid using a small simple pump or even the sprinkler with removed spinner part (using it as a tap) or any other low-tech solution in combination with the closed standing base, which can be used as reservoir, the parts are also usable as a standalone version. As with the other barrel setups the actual height is flexible adding up to 12 more grow spaces with every additional 15 centimeters of height. The closed bases can even be interconnected using all bases as ‘one’ reservoir at once. There is an example of a setup using this possibility on the integration example page.

Hanging Version of a soil-less barrel

The top lid can also be used as a base. In this case you can attach 3 stainless steel ring hooks to the ribs that are then used to tighten strong nylon ribbons to hang a barrel to a swivel hook for example.

Each hanging barrel is strapped together using 3 ribbons. According to your lighting situation the barrel can be rotated using a swivel hook in order to assure even lighting for your plants.

Hanging version of aeroponic barrel in different sizes

Alternatively you can also use our lid-base to connect multiple such vertical barrels on a line of 40mm PVC draining pipes.

Standing version

The most common use case is to arrange your barrels standing, for example in greenhouses. Please also check a few integration examples on this page.

Standing version of aeroponic barrel in different sizes

Standalone version with own reservoir

Home and hobby users who are not afraid of managing a soilless setup can use our closed base and stack their soilless grow spaces on top of that. There is no need for an external nutrient reservoir. If you like to run a smaller farm without the need to maintain and setup an external nutrient reservoir, you can inter connect the closed bases to increase the amount of liquid in a circle.


Production Examples