Young Plant Tray Set – Microgreens, Soilless and Substrate

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aponix Young Plant Tray Set Flyer

Young plant production is always a challenge in urban farming if you do not have access to a greenhouse or a flood table. That is why we wanted to provide a more fancy looking and very functional young plant tray set to grow microgreens on substrate or mats, germinate and grow substrate bound plants and soilless young plants.

More details on the individual parts can be found in the component details area.



  • Function first: Shape for stability, best aeration, efficiency. Cool design. Different than standard horticulture trays.
  • All elements are heavy duty, from recycled raw materials and recyclable.
  • Can dry when stacked.
  • German engineering. Made in Germany.
  • Exact 1010/1020 inch measures.
  • Different modes and use cases built into the set.
  • Water from below with 2nd tray and holes in the 1st tray. Make your own holes as needed with drill or soldering iron.

Substrate Mode

  • 3×3 heavy duty young plant cells.
  • Cell dimensions of 3×3: Each cell side 4cm.
  • Big hole in the bottom to push plant out for planting.
  • Space for airation from all sides for the roots.
  • Fixed location in all trays, no sliding.
  • Space for4*3×3 in a 1010 / 8*3×3 in a 1020 tray.
  • Can dry when stacked after sanitation.
  • Use Dome to protect germination / baby plants.

Soilless Mode

  • Soilless 4×4 Netpot Holder holds any 2“/5cm netpot for any soilless system. or aponix PlugPots.
  • Use Tray to hold liquid nutrients.
  • Use Dome to protect your baby plants and keep them safe until you are ready to transplant.

Microgreen Mode

  • Exact inch measures in the bottom – 1010/1020 for reliable fit of substrate mats.
  • Use Dome for germination.
  • Deep curved grooves in the bottom for best aereation of the roots and liquid distribution.
  • Light diffusion through Dome.
  • Water from below with 2nd tray.
Young Plant Tray Set – Microgreens, Soilless and Substrate

The Trays are only available without holes. Making the Trays already with holes would make things more complicated for us in terms of logistics, material, storage and tooling. So we decided to make only closed Trays.

But making holes is simple and can be done using a soldering iron like show in the image with a pointed tip and ideally a flat end that pushes the molten PS towards the hole and seals it. Alternatively a sharp metal drill will also do the job.

Some users like to have the holes on the lower side of the pattern, some on the upper part. Please let us know if you are looking for 1010/1020 Trays with holes what diameter, what position, how many holes and how many Trays you would need.

Target group:

Schools and educational institutions, gardening and horticulture culture businesses, home and hobby gardeners and especially urban farmers specialized in hyperlocal microgreen production and distribution, resellers of elements in packs and/or also with accessories for certain applications. Aponix sends samples within the EU on request. All elements are designed and made in Germany and will also be shipped from Heidelberg/Heppenheim (Germany).

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