Aponix Standalone Test Setup 7 RS (V3)

7 plantable ring segments, 82 grow spaces, height 1.3m. Add the top lid and you are ready to run. This bundle contains the V3 ring segment pieces.

This is a special page to promote and offer a standalone test setup for end users or testers, who like to test a ‘small’ ready-to-run setup of the aponix vertical barrel.

Please note: We assume, we are selling to an end-consumer outside of the EU. If you like to get this package from within the EU, we are required to add the German VAT of 19% on all prices. We are also adding the real freight cost to your address.

We are also looking for product partners and partners that plan to use our equipment regularly in their urban farming projects. Pricing is different for these target groups. Please contact us in that case.

This is the parts list for the pieces you need to set up a vertical barrel 7 ring segments high for testing. This would provide 82 grow spaces being just 1.25m high:

 Pos Piece Units Total
1 Closed base 1 95.00€
2 Top lid 1 70.00€
3 Waterbuffer 1 70.00€
4 Custom 1/2-inch hose with fittings and valve.
It is similar to this 3/4″ hose.
1 20.00€
5 Revision piece 1 5.50€
6 Two net pot piece (to build the barrel) 41 225.50€
7 2-inch netpots (to grow plants in) 100 8€
Total 494€
8 Optional: Oase Optimax 1000 submergible pump * 1 25€
9 Shipping cost
We will also add the actual shipping cost to your address. The package will have the dimensions 72x72x36cm, 20kg. Some freight cost examples:

  • USA: NYC, Orlando, San Francisco, Anchorage = 170€
  • Canada: Vancouver, Calgary =170€
  • Norway: Oslo = 80€
  • Italy: Rome 70€
  • Germany: Berlin 40€

Alternatively we can ship CPT (cost-paid-to) to an international Airport for pickup.

1 40-170€


* This pump can do a height of 1.3m equivalent of 7 aponix barrel ring segments. It provides a 5/8″ spigot to attach the hose to. This is a German model and it needs 220V and comes with a German electricity plug. It is in the end just a commodity submergible pump that can push liquid to at lease 1.3m high. You can/should use a local equivalent if your local electricity is not 220V!

You can increase the height of the barrel any time by adding more pieces / ring segments from our pieces area. If you exceed the max height your pump can push the liquid you will need a stronger pump. Please let us know if you like to go for a higher vertical barrel so we can advise on a larger pump and also provide the required number of pieces.

If you are interested in this offer, please go to the

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