Vertical barrel

Assemble the aponix vertical barrel’s few simple elements and start to grow vertically the hyperlocal way!

Plants get their nutrients from drip irrigation generated by a sprinkler or a substrate.


Our unique design gives you unprecedented versatility, flexibility and scalability. It enables you to grow plants of different sizes and shapes – soil-less and soil-based / commercial or for prosumers. The concept will be extended into more applications in the near future – movable raised beds, water and air filtration, parts of buildings and public spaces and smart sustainable cities.

The aponix barrel is designed to allow you to quickly grow a clean and organic garden. Quality and usability make the difference!

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The production of our gen.2 barrel parts is now up and running, these components have been designed for better water distribution and come in two sizes.

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The aponix vertical barrels are especially suited to grow herbs and lettuces in high density urban areas.

Plants get their nutrients from drip irrigation generated by one sprinkler inside your barrel, connect it to a pump and convert your barrel into a giant vertical 3D-NFT! There is also a soil-based version and more possibilities.