Vertical Modular Growing Component


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The aponix barrel is supposed to be used as growing device in an existing nutrient cycle, either hydroponic (using liquid mineral fertilizer) or aquaponics (using fish, organic fertilizer). A barrel can be assembled using only 2-3 compact elements. The available vertical space in your growing area determines the number of grow spaces a barrel can provide. One barrel has a diameter of 57 centimeters and requires 1 square meter of flat space. For each 15 centimeters of added height 12 additional grow spaces are provided as 2 inch net pot inserts.

The aponix barrels are especially suited to grow herbs and lettuces in high density urban farming situations (>60 pieces per sqm, see setup in our slideshow rendering). The parts provide a means to assemble barrel corpusses and thus grow spaces easily and quickly in your production environment without building complicated rack-structures. After harvesting the ring segments can be power washed easily and replanted immediately.

Plants get their nutrients from drizzle generated by spray nozzles inside the barrel connected to a pressure line delivering the nutrients. Version 2.0 can also be operated using simple drip irrigation from the top, practically converting the barrel into a giant vertical NFT. Version 2.0 will be available in large numbers from October 2016!