Garden & Greenhouse Product Review – Aponix Vertical Drip Irrigation Growing System

The aponix vertical barrel is a new concept that facilitates setup of high density grow spaces for soil-less production by expanding the NFT hydroponics concept in a very flexible way. It is especially designed for urban farming facilities operating on limited space.

The concept uses sturdy, compact and simple parts that can be integrated smoothly into the daily planting, maintenance and harvesting routines in medium-sized urban farming facilities. There are no fixed structures necessary for the setup, like tables or racks and the barrels can be positioned and moved easily to provide flexibility in a growing operation. The system is most efficient when the barrels are arranged in lines with a gravity pipe or gutter below them that cycles the liquid from the irrigation back to the central reservoir.

Cultivation area is on the outside surface a barrel that has adjustable height by adding more grow spaces. The barrel is basically a one lego-like part that is 1/6th of a ring segment of a barrel. Each of the parts provides grow adapters. Six of these parts are assembled into a barrel ring segment and any number of ring segments are then stacked as high as space allows for the cultivation of a crop. Each barrel is built on a solid base and sealed on top with a lid that includes a point of irrigation using a simple sprinkler, spray nozzle or even an individual irrigation solution. The entire barrel can also be used as a hanging system by adding nylon ribbons to the top lid and hanging it on a swivel hook.


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