Green Millenium Q&A with Marco Tidona, Inventor of the Aponix Barrel

My interview with Avinash Burra of Green Millenium:

AB: Where do you see the Aponix Barrel and your company in the next 5 years?

MT: The aeroponic barrel is supposed to be just a start of a system. There are already many improvements that will be incorporated into the next large-scale production tool, which also will lower manufacturing cost significantly. It will also be usable with simpler drip irrigation instead of the current pressure line powered spray nozzles. I would like to add more ‘adapters’ for larger and also smaller plants. And there should also be a home version with more intelligence. Aponix system parts will be available in many countries and become also common to be supplied by local hardware stores by 2021.

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Green Millenium Blog - Avinash Burra, NYC