Future Pieces


Standing barrel using two 2-inch net pot inserts. The number of the ring segments – height and total number of grow spaces – are variable. Ring segments can be assembled using these parts giving room for different crops and plant sizes: a) two 2-inch net pots, b) one centered 3-inch net pot and c) the closed part.

In the future there will be more ‘adapters’ to make the barrel more versatile in terms of plant size and medium used.

As of December 2016 the series production for soil-less standing and hanging barrels using the two 2-inch net pot adapters will be available for sale. These parts are ready for commercial production, manufactured in Germany at the highest quality possible for such equipment.

In 2017 the concept of the barrel will be extended.

1.) Soil-less version:

  • One centered 3-inch net pot insert for bigger plants and more space between the plants.
  • One completely closed part that allows to grow even bigger plants. For example ring segments can then be assembled using 3 closed parts and 3 parts carrying the 3-inch net pot. Ring segments can then be stacked with aligned connections, 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 offset.

The soil based version using a wicker bed base and steel stand. Ring segments are stacked alternation using the shelf adapter and the closed part, aligned at the adapter connectors.

2.) A soil-based version – vertical garden or raised bed alternative for the prosumer:

This version is also suitable to be used as bio-filters for circulating water installations.

Parts usable will be:

  • One big shelf adapter.
  • The completely closed part.

— This is currently being set up as large production series and will be available late Summer 2017 —

The height will be variable like with the soil-less version and the top will be also plantable.

The soil-based version will have a special base being a pot that will be filled with pebbles or hydroton. The base will have an inlet to fill with water for irrigation (wicker bed style) and an overflow outlet to prevent water touching the soil on top. The number and configuration of the ring segments is again variable using the above mentioned parts. Also the height and alignment of the ring segments are variable. In the example we are using 5 ring segments. The inside is filled with a substrate like soil or a soil mix. The base is enforced with a steel cage that can also carry rolls to move it around.