Aponix is looking for distribution partners!


One important improvement was to close the ring segment connections more tightly. As of July 2019 the one netpot piece will be available.

Partners we are looking for:

  • An ideal partner would be an already established player in the horticulture field that is serving existing customers setting up soilless farming facilities or supplying greenhouse equipment/consulting who is seeking for interesting products complementing their own range of products for a territory/territories they already operate in successfully.
  • Interested retailers and expert consultants that would help spread the aponix technology faster including local services, education or seedling supply subscriptions to special target groups like schools, hospitals, urban offices or supermarkets etc.

aponix is looking for VAR / value added resellers

All existing parts can be found in our order area or in our pdf catalogue to give you an idea of the versatility of the vertical barrel concept.

For resellers it will be necessary to bundle our pieces into unique value propositions to their customer base including own local services, supplemental materials, education, subscription for seedlings, maintenance etc. For any kind of users having some specialized local expert to help with setups and detailed questions on operations will be one key ingredient to be successful for aponix and the reseller. Resellers can even extend the system (own irrigation, lighting solution, packaging or special use or application of the pieces) or mix it with other (even competitive) equipment to provide the best individual solutions for their specific target group to grow more hyperlocal plants.

The component is protected by a very simple initial German patent from 2015 describing the abstraction of a barrel for plant cultivation. Aponix has issued a PCT announcement in 2016 and has gone into an EP and the US. Korea, Japan and China will also follow in 2019/20.

The following applications are just some for your inspiration to show that the materials can target very different market segments depending on the focus of a respective distributor. This will reduce competition between individual distributors in the same territory since they address different customer segments with their value propositions and services:

  • B2B: The soil-less version that is built from the parts that allow multiple soil-less barrels to be connected into grow lines and serve professional or very advanced hobby growers as production equipment and decentralized urban farming. It can also be used as living dispenser setup for supermarket, not being used for the whole cultivation at the POS but as a mere ‘shelf’ using water instead of fertilizer and more adequate light for a supermarket.
  • B2C: The standalone soil-less version that uses the soil-less adapters but also provide its own liquid reservoir. This can be seen as advanced tower solution (>100 grow spaces) for end-consumers that are ready and educated to grow soil-less and would like to own the most simplified and usable product on the market. This setup is also ideal for schools and universities education they students in soilless cultivation.
  • B2C: The soil- or substrate based version, that can be used as single raised bed alternative for terraces and balconies in urban areas. Another use case is the use in public spaces and offices. The cylinders can be filled with substrate including an inside ‘logic’ (see this page), prepared and planted off-site and then placed at their destination using a forklift. In the future there will also be a city XL version (see page Future Pieces).
  • B2B/B2C: The setup for water filtration (bio filter for aquaponics or fish ponds) and usage as parts of buildings and public spaces. The material used to build the parts could be changed from thermoplastics into ceramics for that purpose.

If you are interested in partnering, please contact us. We have set up a simple and pragmatic distributor agreement that is a central piece for distribution partners and future collaboration. We can also provide price lists (distributor purchase prices and MSRP providing margins of 40-60%) and a guide that defined how distributors can do marketing and also own packaging using our equipment. Materials are shipped EXW from our factory in Heppenheim/DE or Heidelberg/DE. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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