Locations and Existing Setups

In the meantime there are multiple aponix vertical barrel installations out there. Take a look at the images on the bottom of this page for a few impressions.

Aponix.eu auf FacebookYou can find more information and impressions of setups, new features and progress being made on your facebook page!


To list a few locations, where aponix vertical barrels can be found…

  • In the visitor’s area in Europes largest roof top farm in The Hague, UF002 (in the meantime gone out of business).
  • In Tongzhou Park, Beijing, China.
  • In Heidelberg Germany at the LVG (Staatliche Lehr- und Versuchsanstalt für Gartenbau), running multiple tests with aponix an other soilless systems in dedicated soil-less greenhouse. TU-München, Weihenstephan-Triesdorf, Uni-Bonn.
  • In Lyon, France at the Refarmers greenhouse.
  • Pfistererhof Heidelberg (Biogas facility) in co-operation as the new greenhouse home base for aponix.eu prototypes.
  • Food and Energy Campus, Groß-Gerau
  • Greenhouse of De Ceuvel, Amsterdam
  • And many more locations in the UK, on the Island of Jersey, Island of Mallorca, Island of Malta, Svalbard (Norway), Switzerland, Israel, Iran, South-Africa, India, South-Korea, China, Japan, Bahrain, USA and multiple more locations across the EU and the US.

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