Barrel Irrigation

There are quite a few options to ensure irrigation of the barrels for soilless or substrate based use, multiple barrel or standalone operations. The ideal flow rate is 1-2 liters per minute.

The following methods of irrigation have been tested and can be provided by

  • Sprinkler and liquid exitUsing an inverted sprinkler operation from a pressure of 1.5+bar droplets are distributed evenly around the inside walls of the barrel. The Version 2.0. 1/6 part has an inner wing structure to then distribute the liquid flowing down the inside to each root zone of your plants.
    The flow rate of this standard irrigation method is 2 liters per minute.Please be careful with this irrigation variant: It requires fine-tuning at the valve to ~2l/min! If you run much too much water through the sprinkler, you will probably end up with unhappy wet plants and water pushing out from your barrel!
  • Aeroponic spray nozzle and exitUsing a spray nozzle operating from a pressure of 2+bar. These spray nozzles are self cleaning for smaller particles and spray a hollow cone shape of 120 degrees from the top lid – basically the same shape as the top lid itself, filling your barrel up with a drizzle of fine droplets.
    The flow rate of this more aeroponic irrigation method is 1.5 liters per minute.
  • For low tech irrigation with much simpler impeller pumps or just pouring a bucket on top you can use our top water buffer. Please check out the properties on our product page. This part is put between the top ring segment of a barrel. It has its own irrigation holes and overflow to protect you from over filling the buffer. This is the most simple irrigation option.
  • Another irrigation option for multiple barrels with low-tech pump (low pressure) can be an combination of the irrigation buffer from above plus a modified sprinkler on an top lid.
  • If you are using the substrate based version of our barrels even there is a clever irrigation option by using the closed base as wicking bed tank.

Since the concept of the barrel is just to provide a flexible corpus to grow plants at high density, you could well integrate your own irrigation idea! Lids and stands can be drilled for the integration of the above options. But you can also integrate your own – like fogging or anything else that might suit your crop. can also send you the parts without any pre-drilled holes for testing purposes.

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