Aponix is looking for resellers and distribution partners!

As a startup aponix has gone through the venture of setting up and improving a prototype of the concept and idea behind it for the last 3 years – to cultivate in vertically flexible cylinders all set up using its versatile lego-part ring segment system simplifying parts to a minimum usable tool. We have reached a point in our development now, where it has been shown that the system works well and can be mass-produced and extended.

For the next step – the expansion and integration into sales-channels we will need external investments / partners.

The following applications are available that target different market segments and can each be seen as separate branch:

  • B2B: The soil-less version that is built from the parts that allow multiple soil-less barrels to be connected into grow lines and serve professional or very advanced hobby growers as production equipment and decentralized urban (micro) farming.
  • B2C: The standalone soil-less version that uses the soil-less adapters but also provide its own liquid reservoir. This can be seen as advanced tower solution (>100 grow spaces) for end-consumers that are ready and educated to grow soil-less and would like to own the most simplified and usable product on the market.
  • B2C: The soil- or substrate based version, that can be used as single raised bed alternative for terraces and balconies in urban areas.
  • B2B/B2C: The setup for water filtration and usage as parts of buildings and public spaces. The material used to build the parts could be changed from thermoplastics into ceramics for that purpose.

All existing parts can be seen in our order area to give you an idea of the versatility of the vertical barrel concept.

The component is protected by a very simple initial German patent describing the abstraction of a barrel for plant cultivation. Aponix has issued a PCT announcement in 2016 and is nationalizing into a European patent and a US patent until Sept 2017.

Partners we are looking for:

  • An ideal partner would be an already established player in the horticulture field that seeks for a strategic investment via licensing the aponix technology and set up own manufacturing for markets/territories they already operate in successfully. Territorial exclusivity is subject to negotiation and perspective.
  • Interested retailers would be ideal to help spread the aponix technology faster that setting up own new sales channels.

If you are interested in partnering or investing into one area of expansion, please contact us. We have prepared a status ‘onepager’ that we can provide for your internal discussion. We can also provide calculation examples (volume, cost and sales prices) for the possible cooperation variants: a) generate leads for commission, b) re-sell on own account and c) manufacture and sell on own account through licensing.


Versatility example