Parts Finetuning Generation 2

We have come a long way to proudly announce, that we are finishing the last fine tuning to the tooling to manufacture large numbers of the 2nd generation vertical barrel parts. Many improvements have been implemented.

Parts will be ready to ship at the end of January 2017.

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Here are some preview images. Note the following details:

  • The new connection mechanism between the parts will be easier to assemble.
  • Ring segments are much easier to stack, due to identical diameters, perfectly round shape and improved stability.
  • Distribution of nutrient solution from the top has been improved dramatically to a perfectly even distribution and usage of the water using the new inside wing system that diverts all of the water directly to the roots of your plants traveling downwards.
  • During operation with incomplete number of net pots or plants there will be no dripping anymore.
  • Barrels can be stacked much higher.
  • 1/6th parts will be made from the most robust and UV resistant material – ASA (acrylonitrile styrene acrylate).
  • Lids have a simple sprinkler for irrigation with an individual tap for fine-tuning.