1/6th Part Version 2.0 – Vertical NFT

Production parts will be available from October 2016!

Preview of the new part including the following new features from the experience using it for >1 year now:

  • A new mechanism has been implemented to improve on the tongue and groove connections between the 1/6th parts. We are now using a zip-click connection. Ring segments are tighter and more stable and on large setups it is much easier to assemble the ring segments.
  • The major upgrade is the new internal wing structure that helps divert the downward water flow from the top on the inside of the barrel directly and more evenly to the root areas of your plants. This new feature also extends the scope of operations for the barrels using much simpler drip irrigation instead of the pressure line required for aeroponics. Practically the barrels now work as giant vertical NFTs. It is now also possible to use much higher barrels.


If you are interested in the new features please contact us!

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